Digital Marketing & Branding

SHI's digital marketing & branding division essentially pursues two central goals: primarily, it is responsible for the development and marketing of innovative digital solutions. At the same time, it ensures increased profitability by optimizing process efficiency in all parts of our company. It thus also plays a central role in new investments; after all, value elevation through targeted digitization measures is an essential aspect of our investment strategy.

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Refining the old, discovering the new

Digitization is an essential instrument to increase the value of our investment targets and projects. For this reason, we have made it one of our main strengths in recent years to create IT-based automatisms, to effectively slim down processes and to develop individual digital solutions for businesses in various industries.

We increase the value of our investment targets and projects particularly by uncovering and exploiting previously unknown potential through process digitization.

At the same time, our employees in the digital marketing & branding division are constantly working on scalable digital products and are proactively developing further digital product innovations. The digital area therefore represents a crucial growth driver for SHI Group.

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The activities & investments of SHI Group in the digital marketing & branding sector include: