Growth through
foresight & vision

We are a private multi-business firm that has developed from a small touristic operator to a versatile portfolio company within the last 2 decades.

We are bridging Europe’s cultural heritage and the digital sphere – through means of innovative concepts and the latest technologies.

Today, the group's portfolio includes several businesses in 3 core areas:

The SHI story: From being an analogue concert organizer to being a digital value elevator

A melodious beginning - the "Sound of Vienna"

It is 1999, when the history of SHI finds its origin in Vienna. With the formation of the concert & marketing agency "Sound of Vienna", SHI founder & managing director Josip Susnjara lays the foundation for the success of the upcoming years - roots to which we are still connected today. Already back then, it is particularly important to the founding team to manage all core processes themselves and to design them in new, creative ways - covering not only the artistic program and product development, but establishing also international marketing activities and efficient operational processes. Today, in addition to numerous other events, Sound of Vienna organizes and internationally markets more than 500 classical concerts every year.

Revitalization & strategic realignment – taking over Kursalon Wien in Vienna City Park

Only 4 years later, the company takes over the historical landmark Kursalon Wien in Vienna City Park, and subsequently revives the building through extensive measures in the following years. The basis for taking over the operations of this challenging project is a concept based on 3 strategic pillars that was developed by the SHI team. Based on this concept, the operations in Kursalon were strategically realigned and the building was successfully established as a location for high-quality B2B events and gastronomy, as well as for classical concerts and cultural events.

The fascination for real estate grows - another high-volume project

Following the successful project development in Kursalon, SHI group starts to position itself even more proactively in the real estate sector. In 2010, the SHI-founded company “KND Developments GmbH” successfully acquires its first substantial project (project volume: EUR 110 million) in the area of real estate development: in the course of a multi-stage tender process by the "US Government Department of State's Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations", a project for the development of over 18,000m2 in Vienna’s 19th district was successfully acquired, conceptualized, and sold to the international construction company Swietelsky. This project laid the basis for the group’s further activities in the area of real estate development – now including also international projects in England, Croatia and Spain.

SHI 4.0 - digitization as a major source of value creation

With the increasing size and growing complexity of the group’s organizational structure, a company-wide digitization initiative was ultimately launched in 2013, which has been an integral part of SHI's everyday life since then. The individual SHI companies gradually become equipped with the latest technologies, including processes being digitized and far-reaching automatisms being created. At the same time, digitization is emerging as a dedicated business area, which is why internal competencies are established and continuously expanded ever since. Today, these competencies represent a major strength of the group, which helps to significantly increase the value of our investment targets and projects.

With full power & strategic foresight into the future - strategy SHI2025+

Anyone who is committed to long-term partnerships must also strategically plan ahead. The current corporate strategy SHI2025+ is guided by the motto: "We bring great things to life". In order to continue to live up to this aspiration, we have formulated and initiated a series of goal-oriented measures. The central cornerstones include, inter alia, the proactive expansion of our investment and innovation activities in the existing core business areas of leisure & tourism, digital marketing & branding, and real estate development. In this context, we particularly aim to deliberately strengthen the "SHI" brand to realize the ambitious growth plans of our group together with selected strategic partners.

A community of diverse companies and brands

Our extensive investment activities are reflected in our portfolio. The portfolio of SHI Group is characterized by its diversity and unites businesses from different industries under the umbrella of a strong multi-business firm. We are active in 3 core divisions: leisure & tourism, digital marketing & branding, and real estate development.