Leisure & Tourism

The tourism & entertainment industry is a wonderful industry - after all, its focus is on people. And this is exactly where we come from: tourism & entertainment are our roots. As part of SHI Group, our leisure & tourism division continues to constantly develop new products and solutions for tourism and entertainment.

Exclusive events in the Gloriette - Schönbrunn Palace Park

Moving people, creating memories

Our mission is clear: we move people by creating authentic, innovative and unforgettable experiences. This is how we create moments that last. In order to remain a pioneer and leading provider in Vienna's tourism and leisure scene, we have developed 3 central core competencies in the past decades that distinguish us and enable us to stand out in the very competitive environment.

New Product Development. Proactive improvement.

A constant optimization of our existing products as well as the evaluation and implementation of new, innovative concepts are parts of our daily routine. We are monitoring and capitalizing on current market trends, because we want to remain pioneers in our respective business areas. Our innovation capabilities are deeply embedded in our teams, which make it their shared mission to continuously develop tourism & entertainment further. We are living innovation to create unforgettable experiences.

Vienna Boys' Choir in the Kursalon Vienna
We move people by creating authentic, innovative and unforgettable experiences. This is how we create moments that last.

Marketing. Effective promotion.

The value of an innovation depends on the innovator’s ability to market it. We have made it our specialty to rapidly position and establish exciting products for tourism and entertainment in the national and international market environment. This is how we are building a bridge between people and products; this is how we move people. We live marketing to make innovations tangible.

Operations. Hands-on work.

In addition to the development and marketing of exciting concepts, the operationalization and implementation of new products are the third key success factor when it comes to creating new experiences. At SHI Group, we benefit from years of accumulated operations & logistics know-how to make any project implementation as smooth and efficient as possible. We enjoy getting actively involved and sharing our “do-how” – an attitude that we also like to call “hands-on innovation”. We live operations to successfully make creative and innovative ideas become reality.

Unique usage concepts for unique locations - Kursalon Vienna


The activities & investments of SHI Group in the leisure & tourism sector include: