Strategic Investments
Operational Excellence

We make strategic long-term investments in small and medium-sized businesses and take active part in the development of promising projects.

Our investment strategy

As SHI Group, we are continuously driving the expansion of our portfolio through M&A or strategic alliances. The ideal setup always depends on each individual project. From acquisitions to equity investments, joint ventures, or long-term contractual agreements (non-equity alliances), we always evaluate what represents the best option for each individual project.

What is essential for our projects is that our partners share with us a common, intended time horizon for the collaboration. In the course of our investment activities, we rely on long-term partnerships based on reliability and trust. As a result, we have been able to build up an international partner network in the past two decades, which has become one of the cornerstones of our strategic actions. This partner network, in combination with our resources and our long-standing expertise, allows us to successfully realize deals of any size.

SHI activity areas


Investment Targets

On the one hand, we invest – alone or together with our strategic partners – with a long-term intent into promising small and medium-sized companies, which we can take to the next level through our many years of management and operations know-how. On the other hand, we also participate in promising projects, if we see the chance to significantly increase their success likelihood through our competencies, capital & our network. We therefore consider ourselves primarily as strategic investor who also enjoys being involved in the operational day-to-day business.


Targeted value elevation through
strategic selection & investment

The SHI value elevation concept

The decisive factor for our investment decisions is the value elevation potential that could result from our participation. In order to realize this increase in value, we focus on 3 central tasks:

We invest.

We continuously evaluate a lot of different projects but act very selectively when it comes to the final investment decision. We do so, because we devote heart, soul and passion to the projects and companies in which we invest. We only invest when our know-how and entrepreneurial drive allows to add real value. This added value should be of long-term nature and should go far beyond the value of financial resources – because we want to be more than just the sum of our individual parts. This hands-on mentality and this focus on longevity and synergy distinguish us and help us achieve an outstanding project success rate.

"We are thinking holistically and in networks. It is precisely the fascination for the operational details that helps us; that enables us to create a truly measurable value."

Josip Susnjara
Owner & CEO

We develop.

Investment projects are about hard facts. The aim in these projects is to identify concrete measures and quantify their impact. Once we take part in a project, we are not afraid to question the unquestionable. We analyse all aspects of the project and, based on facts and figures, derive targeted optimization measures and sources of synergy. We examine everything and contribute our competencies in the areas of strategy, digital and operations. By doing so, we are taking projects to the next level.

We Operate.

Focus on doing, not only talking. Ultimately, it is not just about identifying and creating value potential, but also about successfully exploiting it. And that is a crucial part of SHI Group's investment strategy. If it is our premise to bring great things to life, then we also want to do exactly that: we practically realize what had previously been worked out and conceptualized theoretically in many conferences and meetings. In other words, we breathe life into great business plans, Word documents and presentations. As strategic investor, we take a proactive part in the day-to-day operations and enjoy “pitching in”.

Our core competence - a 360° evaluation

Over the years we have learned to analyse and look at projects from a wide range of perspectives, using a holistic approach. And this is exactly what we consider our core strength: Our integrated mix of strategic, digital and operational thinking.


Our strategic and analytical skills allow us to evaluate investment opportunities in all detail, to derive optimization potential and to develop long-term concepts for increasing and maintaining value.


A key value driver lies in the digitization of business processes. In order to design them as lean and efficient as possible, valuable digital skills are nowadays required – competencies, which we have been enforcing and expanding for years.


We have accumulated and continuously refined our operations know-how over the past two decades in a variety of projects. Today, this extensive "do-how" allows us to consider and optimize all operational facets of our projects.

A community of diverse companies and brands

Our extensive investment activities are reflected in our portfolio. The portfolio of SHI Group is characterized by its diversity and unites businesses from different industries under the umbrella of a strong multi-business firm. We are active in 3 core divisions: leisure & tourism, digital marketing & branding, and real estate development.